Day 142 – 2 good things at once

Sunday, July 17th 2016

Neglecting my Japanese… must push to study!

Anyway, today was awesome! Two things awesome happened at once.

First off, the day started normal; went to church, had a good service, talked with J, played on the Pixelmon server and then once J left, one of the owners contacted me about being a Jr. Mod and I gratefully accepted! In the process of that, my brother announced that Pokemon GO IS FINALLY RELEASED TO CANADA. ABOUT TIME NIANTIC GEEZ. So now I’m very happy :3

I thought I broke a rule 1 hour after being promoted, but the owner said that it’s alright and past staff has done worse. You can’t talk about what you can or can’t do a staff member. That was a relief.

Also, I had my first moment since I was the only one online and both of these guys were swearing massively. Quickly took a screenshot and reported it. That was exhilarating cause the chat was turning to chaos. Well, was called a few names in the process, but I don’t care. They’re just random rude people from some random country.

Anyway, staff trying to protect the server from these two guys. Gotta help out.

That’s all for today.

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