In a comment on one of my comments, the author said someone had written her about God, and that it was tiring and not helpful.  I’m sure that was me, ’cause my comment was about how God has healed me and given me life again, and it encouraged her to reach out to Him.  I write about God in most of my comments, because people on this site are often suicidal, desperate and begging for help.  There is only one help I am sure of.  If I offend anyone, I am genuinely sorry.  It comes from wanting to help, and relating so much to their stories.  Because I was once darkness, too, but now I am in the Light.  How can I not share that?  I love you all.

6 thoughts on “Humbled”

  1. Love you too 🙂
    You talk about God as much as you’d like. I’m happy your faith has helped you so much. It will continue to do so. Honestly, you impress me because you are one of those rare, pure souls that radiate the love you feel and receive from God and you in turn share it with everyone. The only other person I know like this was my grandfather. He was my favorite person. Though I didn’t share his views on the Catholicism, I know he was a man capable of loving every person he ever encountered.

    Don’t be discouraged by those that don’t understand. ((Hugs)) Some times the pain is so deep they are scared of the path to happiness.

  2. Goddess, your kind words were just what I needed to hear. I will read that over and over, especially when I get discouraged. You are right that some people are in so much pain they can’t even think of feeling better. Thank you SO much for your beautiful comment! Hugs!

  3. God has helped me my entire life. I wouldn’t have the home I am living in if not for him. So many times in the last 30 years I didn’t know how I made it from paycheck to paycheck. I worried all the time about paying my bills and getting out of debt. There were times when I had no money left in my checking and I would go to the mailbox and there suddenly was a check in the mail. Enough money to tide me over until payday. I’ve been blessed in so many ways. Some people just don’t believe in God or the blessings that God bestows on us.

  4. Thank you, Grannie3. Yes, He is wonderful and amazing! I believe in miracles. I especially love the small miracles…..they are so tender.
    Hugs to you.

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