Journal Entry #18 (I’m back and pissed off as usual)

Hi hi, Missy here. I have returned. Mostly because I am very angry right now, but also because I was…told to make another. Can you believe that? People actually care about these entries. Who woulda though, huh Blume? 😅

Anyway, here’s why I’m mad:

R. P. R! By that, I mean the people on the site. I am being “ignored” again, my posts bypassed. I have stated in both “GHI” and “Just Talkin'” that this is my number 1 online pet peeve and yet it still always happens to me. XD Like seriously? And no, I’m not mad at anyone in particular. I’m just a bit salty that it keeps happening to me.

Also, I feel lonely again. Now, that’s really stupid, considering a lot of people talk to me and everyone’s friendly, but the problem is that I don’t connect with any of them. We have almost nothing in common. It’s kind of frustrating because I feel left out when everyone talks about stuff I’ve never heard about. It actually makes me really mad. I usually feel like throwing a tantrum like a child but don’t want to clash with any of my friends. I need them more than they’ll ever need me. That’s just who I am. A leech that feeds off the happiness of those close to my heart. So instead of getting angry, I’ll type in small font (which I use when I’m feeling ignored) and type random things to give myself the illusion of fitting in. I wish more people liked obscure stuff like me.

Do you have a dream? A goal? Something you’re aiming for in your life? I have one, surprisingly. It’s stupid, so be prepared to cringe. I want to become popular on RPR. Yeah yeah, that’s narcissistic, whatever. I don’t care. This is my journal, where I’m safe from judgement and scorn.

I want to be the gal that everyone looks forward to talking to. Someone nice and friendly, great with RPing.

Okay, even I’M cringing right now, so I’ll change the subject.

My mom bought me and my brothers KFC today. It was very delicious. Especially since I hadn’t had anything to eat all day. Mine came with the Mountain Dew soda I ordered. God, I love Mountain Dew. Just as much as I like pizza (which I had yesterday 😀 ) and orange juice.

Hehe, as you can see, there isn’t much that is interesting about me. I guess I’ll end the entry here. I’ll add an update if anything else happens. Until next time friends 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to comment! I would love to hear how everyone else is doing 🙂

There’s no rest for the ignored, so I’ve gotta go.

Update 1 – Jeez RPR is soooo boring right now. Nobody seems to want to chat and in my only RP, which is a group, my two characters are stuck laying down in their rooms with nothing to do. Someone halp mehhh! Thank God for me saving those very long YouTube videos to my phone.

Update 2 – Today is just not my day. My brothers just made me more angry. Also, thunder and lightning is starting up outside and that’s one of my biggest fears ;-;

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  1. I sometimes feel that way when people don’t comment on my posts. When i talk to people, i try asking questions about who they are and going from there.

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