Monday, 7/18//16, 11:33am, Howard Johnson, Sioux City Iowa

I’m in a conference room interpreting for a functional medical evaluation. Yawner.

Saturday morning Kate and I had breakfast at the hotel and then started three drive back to Omaha. She dropped me off at my parent’s around 3:30. Gabe wasnt there, he was at our house. Dad said that because they had jitterbug guests he and Gabe went and stayed at my house for two nights.

Gabe said he was leaving to go to a quince so I went over to Maeve’s to hang with she and Amy. We looked at her tarot cards and then went to Jones Bros for giant malts.

Sunday morning I got up and tried to more the lawn but I couldn’t the padlock on the shed open so instead I went to the gym. Then I went and picked the cake up from wheatfields and on to while foods to get a card. B walked by and said hi.

Then I went to Trilety’s for Kristin & TGs baby shower. It was a good time but I was so tired the whole time. 

I went home thinking I would try to go for a walk but I was too tired. I watched Netflix and went to sleep.

This morning I thought I had to be in Sioux City at 9 but it wasn’t until 10 so I walked around downtown Sioux city and got caught up on Undisclosed.



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