Overcoming temptations

As a Christian, you have to endure temptations just to know that your faith is still alive. Looking back at my life and all the abuse i took from family, bullies, so on i wonder why i haven’t killed anyone yet because in reality, that was and maybe still is in my nature. Throughout my life even before i believed in God, i had to deal with it. Even after i gave my life to Christ, it’s like he’s been sending obstacles in my way to test my limits. I remember times when i lockedmyself in my room and just cried before God asking “Why are you doing this to me?!? Haven’t i showed you enough faith?!? How much more do you have to see before you believe that i’ve changed?!?” Ever since then i’ve been wondering if i was a believer or just the same person i’ve always been. If one day i will finally snap and let the Devil win. If i can live up to what Christ has asked of me. It’s been too much of a burden to bear. Sometimes i just pray that God would have mercy on me but then i remember Scriptures like 1 Cor. 10:13 and my faith is stronger because i realize that Christ in me has been helping me all along. When it feels like you just need rest from all the temptations that you had to endure, fall into the loving embrace of God and cast your burdens on him. Let Jesus carry you when you can no longer stand because he is your only hope to overcome sin.

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