Take Me Back Please

Take me back before it started. When I barely care about your presence or when you walk by me without uttering a word and not disturbed by the ignorance. Take me back to when I was happy throughout the day without your face bothering my mind. When I used to have a good night sleep and not thinking about the what if’s and should haves screaming infinitely inside my head. Take me back to when I don’t imagine situations that include me and you. When my brain only occupies the need to eat breakfast every morning and not creating these illusions that you’re rolling beside my bed with a plastered smile on your face while looking at me. Take me back to when I ignore little motions of your body. When I don’t give a damn about your fake laugh or the way you roll your eyes or counting the hugs I got from you in a day. Take me back to when I wasn’t jealous about your other girl friends. When I don’t expect that I’m special out of those friends you have and without the powerful feeling that you should stay away from them. Take me back before my heart began beating for you. When I could finish the day off without the skipping of my heart on the sight of you. And lastly, take me back to when I treat you as a friend and not feeling more.

Because you still see us as friends when I already crossed the line between us. 

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