Vengeance VS Forgiveness

First off let me say that I am no spiritual leader by any means. That said, I would like to address two incredibly strong internal forces that fuel our actions as human beings. The first one is VENGEANCE. We have all had and will continue to have tragic, sad, unfair and anger inspiring events that plague our lives at any given time. Many of these events are out of our control. What we DO have control over is how we respond to these events. Our seemingly first (and easiest ) choice is to seek vengeance. Our emotions tend to override our sense of logic. We want whatever has caused us pain to feel an equal amount of pain as well to somewhat even the score. Problem is, it never really works out that way. What you end up with (if another person is the cause of your pain) is now TWO individuals who are in pain with twice the amount of potential vengeance seeking. This type of behavior has a domino effect and will only cease when either one or both people are stopped by a third party. Think of it like this, if I push you off of a roof and you hit the ground and break your leg and you, in turn, push me off the roof and I break my leg do we get up, dust ourselves off and be happy again now that we are even? Of course not.  All that has happened is there are now TWO pissed off people with broken legs who hate each other even more. This is why a negative response to a negative event will never equal a positive outcome. However, a postive response to a negative event CAN yield a positive outcome just as a (obviously)  positive response to a positive event can yield  (and in many cases perpetuate through the same domino effect) a positive outcome. I like to refer to this as “emotional mathematics.”


Now we come to the other end of the spectrum with FORGIVENESS. This is by far the most difficult of responses to negative events. Thankfully,  it is also the most beneficial response in the long run. A lot of people (myself included a while back) assume that forgiveness means to say “everything you did is ok.” That is not what forgiveness is. Forgiveness simply means that you release any anger, hate, or vengeance- seeking feelings you hold in your heart towards another person. Forgiveness is basically a cleansing smoothie for your soul as it flushes out the toxins of contempt. In turn you will feel better, sleep better and even breathe better. Unfortunately we see too much vengeance and not enough forgiveness in the world we live in today. While we cannot heal the world on our own, we CAN heal ourselves and encourage others to do the same through our actions. It is said that there is strength in numbers so it stands to reason through “emotional mathematics” that the more we allow ourselves to forgive the less the world will be plagued with hate and violence. This holds true no matter what faith or religion you may (or may not) believe. Since everything has to start somewhere I am going to start with myself. To all who are reading this…. If you have wronged or hurt me in any way…. I FORGIVE YOU. If I have wronged or hurt you in any way I ask that you forgive me. 

3 thoughts on “Vengeance VS Forgiveness”

  1. Such a great explanation between the two. I completely agree. I have struggled with both but ultimately i choose forgiveness even if it’s difficult at times.

  2. In reality it is always safe to forgive so that you feel so cool to move on; But easier said than done.

  3. Beautifully stated truth. Thank you for sharing.

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