Day 143 – Server

Monday, July 18th 2016

Today was average. Spent most of my day helping out with the server. This guy in particular was giving us some problems and kept swearing. He was muted then jailed, then was still rude towards the owner even though she showed him mercy by freeing him from jail before his quota was met.

Another guy in particular exploited the server selling system, because of a plugin error. He well knew what he was doing was wrong, but kept doing it. The owner got really mad so I told her to take a break since I’d still be on for a while. She went to cool down and yeah. Just the way the guy acted was… honest. “So you knew you were exploiting the server resources?” “Yes sir.” *Banned* (Direct quote).

Other than that, we went to this chocolate place called Chocolat Favoris again for my brother’s birthday. It was so good. I met another person from school who works there.

Also, I helped out J with making plans for the server reset for the town. Things are looking good so far. People will definitely be interested. We’re planning on adding a weekly event and having teams. Very unique and interesting.

That’s all for today.

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