I had my surgery

My surgery was on the 14th I am tired of being tired.  I Am waiting to hear if I am being placed in a at home care program or a facility in the hospital.  I am hoping that I will remain in the hospital but then I want to see if I can keep it together at home.  I’m telling you the mental games that you put yourself through is insane.   Today I woke up determined.  I used the restroom.  Sat upright in a chair for a while.  At that moment it seemed like everyone showed up.  Drs, family, friend, pt, clinical trial rep, on top of all the nursing check in.   I guess it was to much.  After lunch my body went into this numb feeling flushed state and I fell asleep.  Is it just panic attacks? Im I the only one that jumps from one emotion (I can do this) to another (I can’t) every five seconds?  I have been trying meditation as I lay here hoping it will help center my thoughts.  

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