I don’t know why i get so possessive in case of friends. I go like, hey that is my friend not yours so you should just stay away from my friend. I actually have no idea how to delete such habit from my life. I mean this is not amazing like i want a whole attention of someone and when ‘my’ friend talks to someone else i go like wow they don’t like me maybe. And then i get sad and start over thinking again.

I don’t know if this kind of problem is with me only or with someone else too. It’s like i don’t know if i’m the only one who is crazy or someone else just like me is there too. I just want to know how to stop feeling this way… getting ignored… it’s worst!

One thought on “ignored…”

  1. Your friends do like you but they also like other friends as well. Just because they talked to other friends, doesn’t mean they stopped liking you as a friend. They simply try to make everyone whom they consider a friend happy by spending their time and energy to balance their friendships. If you find them talking to others, try making new friends too or finding other friends to talk to.

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