July 19

I guess it’s been longer than I thought since I had written.  I think of potential entries and never write them. Then when I have time to write…like now, I go brain dead!  

Well the past couple of weekends have been rather busy and quite nice. Two weeks ago was the a motorcycle ride.  No I do not ride.  It is a fund raiser…this was the tenth year.  My cousin organizes and holds it in honor of her only child, her son who was killed at the age of 21 in a motorcycle accident.  So very tragic.  Anyhow it raises money for a scholarship fund for NOT college but trade school.  This year the weather was perfect, worked some, visited some a good event.  That Sunday we went to my sis’s for my niece’s 32nd (oh my do I feel old) birthday…again nice time.

The past weekend I worked up at my brother’s as I usually do on Sat. Sat. night the same cousin I mentioned before had a bonfire. Sunday I made my “family famous” lasagna.  All of my small family that is in town came except my niece and her boyfriend. I had TONS left over, gonna have to make less next time I guess.  It was rather tasty though.

And all of this writing is so BORING.  The weekends were full of family time which I dearly love…but I cannot write so it’s PUNCHED UP.  

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