July 19 2nd entry Waiting for Fall

Well summer is really upon us.  Supposed to have a heat index up around 105 to 110 on Friday…ugh.  I was going to post a lovely fall pic and it wouldn’t go…I have no idea why.  But waiting on fall that is what I’m doing.

I’m one of those crazy fall folks.  You know those of us that it is our absolute favorite time of year no matter what?  I have like 100s and 100s of fall and of Halloween (my absolute favorite holiday) images on my pintrest boards.  I have no idea why I love it so much.  I always, always have.  I guess as a child maybe it was the start of school?  I’m not certain really.  I adore watching the leaves turn and I always have as long as I can remember.  I know mom loved it too but I am really not certain it was her favorite, favorite like mine.

I remember in past years driving through the park and looking at the leaves.  We did it every year.  And I would drive really, really slowly on a weekday and point things out and so would she.  Of course my brother and I did this in all the seasons.

Back to Fall, crisp apples, apple crisp, sweaters and hoodies, and cider and donuts and hot chocolate and bonfires.  Beautiful orange and yellow leaves and crisp cool air. One thing I so miss is the smell of burning leaves.  Ah and the sight of my elderly grandma (she was about 70 I think at the age I’m remembering, maybe a tad younger I’m thinking when I was a little girl…strange to think I’m 63 now!) the sight of her raking them with her headscarf on.

Halloween we would always go to her house last!  And stay a while and she and mom would visit.  I would give everything to spend just another half hour in  her living room listening to her and mom visiting.  I still cannot believe they are both gone.  Or that I’m actually living in that same house, a grandma myself. 

Anyhow on Halloween she would give us all her left over candy plus special treats she purchased for us. And she had two of those old paper mache lantern things, one was a black cat and one a jackolantern.  Oh pumpkins…yes another fall thing.

Well I’ve rambled again.  I must get this writing thing organized!  UGH.

One thought on “July 19 2nd entry Waiting for Fall”

  1. I love fall too!!! Everything about it makes me feel snug and cozy!!!

    I miss the smell of burning leaves. Haven’t had that pleasure since I was small. Now you have to apply for a fire permit, only so many given out on very specific days. It’s hassle. These days we just bag it and put it out on the curb.

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