I’m usually not one to procrastinate, but this week for school I did and I’m paying for it ugh. I have until tomorrow to get everything turned in so I’ve been working most of the day. I really don’t feel like doing it, not sure why? Guess I gotta get back into the routine and habit of school. 

Thankfully I have my Master to keep me in line, he will not allow me to procrastinate again. If I do I know I will be punished. I also know that if I do slack he will do what is necessary to motivate and push me to get it done.

I did mess up a little bit today, he told me to do my school work but I accidentally fell asleep. Instead of punishing me he was understanding and just sternly told me to get it done. I was expecting some form of punishment but again Master was kind and understanding. 

I did have to be plugged today, a constant reminder of Master’s ownership. My ass is sore as usual, but it’s ok. I’m getting use to the feeling of being full and sore and when I don’t have it I feel empty. I’m starting to love having that reminder of Master, maybe one day that reminder will be from him in person. I think about it all the time, Master filling me with himself, giving me pleasure and pain, owning every inch of me. I’m realizing just how much I want and need him and the want and need I have to obey and please him every day.

Time to get back to my school stuff, don’t want to be punished.

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