The Impatient Mind

The more the years pass it seems like the less patience I have. I want to get things done- now-stat. I get a thought and I zoom right to it. I guess I feel like if it doesn’t happen now it wont get done or I’ll forget. Like, tonight I decided after seeing my dog eat my newly saved kitten’s turds, I immediately wanted to pack up and get a topped litter box. So..I did. I went and got litter, a new box, and a new mat at 3 in the morning. You’re probably wondering why I am even up at a time like this, which is nothing new? Well, maybe I’m a night owl. Maybe, I’m an over thinker. Maybe, I have some time of disorder. Or maybe, I’m pretty much the stereotypical type of “literature artist”-I like that word. I think I’ll start using that word to make it seem like I’m some know-it-all writer, when in reality I’m just an ordinary girl with a rather impatient mind talking to myself. I guess that’s what it is, I have an impatient clustered mind. The thoughts, they press at me one after the other. Sometimes, it’s so overwhelming.

On a side note, I’m currently reading Gone Girl. It’s pretty good so far. I have a feeling my mind is going to be destroyed though, so maybe I should prepare myself or something? It’s definitely probably not a good book to throw into an impatient mind. It’s like fueling the fire. I’m probably going to think on it for the next couple months. Oh well, its too late to turn back now.

Okay, now I’m going to continue watching Grey’s Anatomy where I’m going to incinerate my brain and blacken my crippling emotionally drained soul even more.  

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