Where It All Began

I tried to shove a fresh Zaxby’s chicken finger in his mouth. That’s how I met him, And by him, I’m sure we all know who i’m speaking of. That one beautiful man you meet at the worst time in your life that you can’t seem to get out of your head during 5th hour. Yeah, Him. We’ll call him J. He politely declined my greased fingers full of fried chicken and my obnoxiously annoying personality shone its light as I tried to then give the cooling chicken to his friend. I wasn’t actually the loud type, Though anyone who knew me would object. On the flip side, I was actually a girl with severe anxiety and a funny way of pretending I didn’t have it. Despite my quirks, J seemed to not mind at all. Maybe because he was just as odd; Opening ketchup packets by the top center instead of the ‘peel here’ labels. Keeping his posture in check at all times and walking somewhat like a God. Avid about politics and religion, though he has never been religious.


J entered my world when I least expected it, and soon enough my best friend and I had saved seats at his table at lunch. We all became friends, Joking around all during lunch, J and I always exchanging comfortable yet tense gazes. We rarely spoke directly to each other at that time, But somehow we had our own unspoken language. I remember my best friend nudging me and telling me to talk to him, And I declined defensively.


It’s the typical story. Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. Girl falls into the trap of a charming glance and a head full of seemingly flawless brown hair. But this isn’t one of those. Unfortunately, This tale is a lot more intense.

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