Day 1: Birthday 

Well you wake up thinking it will be a fun birthday but honestly i have low expectations. Someone will do something to mess it up. Mom will either yell at me because I don’t want to take pictures. But I’m not photogenic. Dad will do dad things get pissed. he talks a lot about patience and being good and smart and calm when he is the most inpatient person I know. Now 11:21 am birthday already sucks. No one is going to pick up the cake and balloons because everyone in the house is pissed. I have a party at 3 the house has to be clean. And Im the one scrubbing the kitchen floor while everyone is in the bedrooms, sitting, pissed. Perfect. Just perfect. Honestly my main goal is to grow up move out, do my own thing. Everyone literally has such low expectations from me i don’t even know why. Im pretty smart, honors english honors math honors science, and advanced art. I work hard for my goals i do it for myself. I try not to give a damn about all the shit everyone says but its kinda hard when everyone says they expect me to be a druggie hobo. I just want to go to school hang out with my friends live life grow up get a job a nice house and nice family and all that sappy shit and die happy when I’m like in my 90s. right now theres an argument going on upstairs with family and idk. I’m here writing in this pathetic website and scrubbing the kitchen floor. Lovely. Im gonna go now my birthday sucks my parents hate each other. Just one day (this may sound selfish) but just don’t fucking fight just for me on my birthday like honestly I’m sick of it. they fight at parties they fight at literally anywhere. I get so embarrassed and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Bye I’m gonna go eat something now. 

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  1. Don’t worry I know the feeling of parents fighting on birthday…Same thing happen to me on my 15 birthday. But in the end they stopped they didn’t wanted to look like some fools in front of other people. I hope they gonna stop fighting and you gonna have wonderful birthday.

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