July 20 working sick

Working sick…yuk.  Been doing so all week.  Actually it’s afternoon now and I’m finally feeling a bit better which is usually how this goes. This fibro, or whatever I have (been this way for years)  I get stressed, or over tired, or both then I get completely exhausted to where I can’t get rested up and my muscles and joints ache all over. Kind of a throbbing ache like a headache.

Well anyhow working sick just sucks but then being sick sucks doesn’t it friends?!

Monday I was only able to do six hours.  Went home, skipped watching RNC and went straight to bed. Slept like four hours and of course was then awake till 2 a.m.  Grrr.  Tuesday I awoke and got to work at a reasonable time but again sick, sick, sick. However much like today I got a bit of energy, made up the extra two hours, worked an hour of OT for a total of 11.  So…why this long tale.  Because this a.m. I was sooo pizzed.  Basically our supervisor’s supervisor (management if you will) has decided we need to up our quotas.  He started with a ridiculous amount (which he heard from another supervisor at another district where stress is unreal).  Anyhow they were supposed to hire another person, looks like they won’t which is actually fine by me.  My concern now is that they will take away the overtime.  Looks like the want us to do more…with less.  Ha, ha, why was a even mad?  So very typical of bosses and management.  This place has been over all fab to work for…but most of my entire working life…this is  how it goes.

And I was like to think I come in work sick and exhausted all week long, I’m producing more than I ever have and you want MORE.  Screw it.  Whatever.  And so it goes.  Is it 8:00 pm yet?  I guess it’s 8:00 o’clock somewhere!

5 thoughts on “July 20 working sick”

  1. It’s 6 pm here… so that’s practically 8, lol. I can almost hear your boss with these impossible expectations that you’re suppose to perform. Isn’t that always the case? My favorite is my bosses lack of communication… he leaves a lot of things up in the air and we are supposed to guess how he wants it done. A simple note would do!

    Anyways I hope that you are feeling better and stay that way!!!

  2. I don’t know exactly what you do, Hoosier, but it has always sounded to me like you are overworked. Extremely. And then the overtime. Now I don’t understand what your company is doing, but I hope they won’t make you work harder than you already are. Yes, stress causes fibromyalgia and other disorders. Are you able to take an OTC medicine to help the pain? I will pray for you tonight, my friend. Specially much.

  3. Oh thank you Grace! I have a prescription med that helps some. Feeling better today…it has just been a tough time the past few years and I appreciate your listening. Shoot we all have our burdens right?! I am a police transcriptionist for a large city. I transcribe detective statements…major crimes. It is not a hard job over-all and basically I work for good people. I sure appreciate the prayers my friend.

  4. You must be very emotionally strong to do that job! I don’t think I could do it—not well, anyhow. I’m glad you are surrounded by mostly good people. That helps. We do all have our burdens, that’s surely true. I pray that yours will be light, and that you’ll be kept lifted up by the Light of Jesus. You are so special!

  5. Thanks for all the encouragement. This week is a little better and yes Grace it can be emotionally draining…has changed my perceptions of the world around me anyhow.
    This week will be better…I’m determined!

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