Kitty car ride

The other day The Man and I did something silly. As we were getting ready to pick up Deedee from her summer gym program, I had a memory.

When we lived up North sometimes we’d bring one of our two rabbits to pick up Deedee from school. At first we’d just bring Pb, our fluffy chocolate colored lion head. Pb would hang out in the back seat for the ride. Once we got to there (we only lived about 5 minutes away) The Man would carry her out to the school yard. All of the kids would get excited whenever they saw sweet Pb. We allowed the calmer kids to have a turn to pet her soft fur. Deedee’s face would light up! She was always thrilled to see the bunny first thing after a hard day.

Pb was a shy bunny. We tried not to bring her all the time. One day we decided to be brave so we brought Deedee’s very own bunny, Missy. A silver drawf with fur like silk, Missy was an exceptionally fast rabbit. I was nervous about bringing her because if she managed to squirm free (and she was so small it’s a very easy feat for her), we’d never be able to run fast enough to catch her. Still, for the love of Deedee, we decided to try it once.

Missy, as it turned out, loved car rides. She put her front paws up on the window and watch the world fly by. We decided to play it safe. We left her in the car while we waited for Deedee. So when Deedee got into the car, a very happy Missy would hop on her lap and enjoy the ride home.

Unfortunately, Missy passed away when we still lived up North.

So for some reason based on the past, we brought Tyrion, our kitten to pick up Deedee. Poor Tryion was the only choice. Toothless thinks car rides mean a trip to the vet, Jake was napping, Andy is terrified of the car… so that left just Tyrion, who’s too little to know better.

As we drove through the pick up loop at the high school I showed Tyrion to Deedee through the window (so she knew to be careful getting into the car). She happily hugged Tyrion the whole way home.

2 thoughts on “Kitty car ride”

  1. What a happy story! I love it! I’ve been wondering about Toothless… is he doing? I have prayed for him a number of times. I know how much you love him.
    Back to your kitten story—-thanks for the smile!

  2. Thank you so much for keeping Toothless in your prayers. Toothless is actually the animal we chose to “adopt” to fill the void caused by Missy’s passing. Those were some seriously big paws to fill, but Toothless accomplished it with ease. Despite one being a rabbit and the other being a cat, they actually have a lot of similar qualities. Of course that might be due to the fact that when we first got Toothless, she assumed she was a rabbit like her housemate, Pb. The cat and rabbit had no clue they were of different species.

    Toothless is doing good at the moment. After talking with her vet we’ve decided to change her patches every 2 weeks instead of 1 week. I’ve noticed if we delay that patch change she’s more social and moves around more… I assume that this is because her pain is still being managed, but she’s not as high. She still has a dose of steroids twice every day. I suspect that is the reason she is doing so well.

    She started shedding like crazy this week. Some of the fur is white, I’ve noticed when I brush her. I’m not sure if that’s from the cancer itself, from medication, or just a normal thing. She’s eating good, but hasn’t been able to gain weight. Her hind legs look like they have atrophy, like twigs compared to her front legs.

    I’ve stopped trying to guess how much time she has left. Maybe she’ll be with us for the holidays? I gave up on the thought of diapers and a special wheelchair from when the tumor causes paralysis. Yes, she’s a fighter… but I don’t know if she can adapt to that. I think that’s our sign she’s ready to run over the rainbow bridge and hunt among the stars.

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