When I was growing up I only saw my cousin maybe once a year.  We lived in towns 2 hours apart from one another.  After she and I were married I only saw her at occasional weddings or funerals.  When I did see her we really never talked that much.

I knew years ago that she and her family moved to a town only 10 minutes away but I never tried to contact her and she never tried to contact me. It wasn’t until about ten years ago when I ran into her and her husband at Costco that we suddenly decided to exchange phone numbers and we began to build on a friendship.

I love my cousin dearly but there are times when I am shocked to say the least by her behavior.  She is loud, sometimes she gets very loud when we go out to eat. She complains to the waitress about her meal, or her husband complains to her about his meal and she is the one who will voice the complaints to the waitress.  There have been a few times that she complained so much that she was given a free meal.  I feel sorry for the waitress because she is not the one who cooked the food, but she is the one who people take it out on.

One day we were looking at our menus and I said I was going to order a certain item.  My cousin shouted out, “I don’t like that, I don’t want that.”  She was shouting loud and talking like a 4 year old child.  People from nearby tables turned around to look at our table. I wanted to crawl out of there and go home.  My cousins husband looked shocked too.  I’m sure my cousin was trying to be funny but she didn’t have to be so loud.  She could have said that quietly to us at the table if she was trying to be funny, instead it made her look childlike in her actions. 

The other day we were heading to go see a movie. I stopped at this man’s house on the way to the movie.  This man has thousands of books for sale and 4 times a year he will send me an e-mail letting me know when he is having his book sales.  

The romance novels were on sale for 50 cents.  I picked out 20 books. This gentlemen is legally blind and it takes him time to count the books and to count the money you give him. He was trying to count my books and my cousin rudely stopped him, telling him he had counted wrong.  In reality he didn’t count them wrong. He told me I owed him 10 dollars and he was correct.

My cousin had 5 books and he gave her a 6th book free.  After she paid for her books, when the man walked off to go get something she stole a book.  She took it and said, “He tried to cheat me so I’m taking this book.” I think she saw the horrified look on my face because a few minutes later she put that book back on the stack.

Needless to say her actions in trying to steal a book upset me so much.  I know that she is having issues right now because her only son died only weeks ago. He had stage 4 lymphoma and he also had sarcoma.  But even with loosing her son she had no right to try to steal from anyone.

I know my cousin thinks that she has the right to say what she feels but there is a way of saying things to people without being rude to them.  You never know what is causing someone to have an off day at work.  We all have had bad days. I know you are supposed to go to work each day with a smile on your face but that smile can be wiped off your face so fast by a rude customer. You don’t have to be mean to people to voice your opinion or get your point across to them.

My cousin was rude to the doctors and nurses in the hospital when her husband was in having artificial valve replacement several years ago.  I can only imagine how she talked to the doctors and nurses who cared for her dying son. One comment she made to me after her son died was, “The doctors and nurses were trying to prove to us that they were doing everything they could to save him.” Why would they have to prove anything. It is their job to do everything they can to save everyone.  I have feeling that she didn’t feel like they did enough, but with the kind of cancer he had he was lucky that he had survived as long as he did. 

My cousin taught her daughter to voice her opinion loudly too and she is worse than her mom when it comes to dealing with people.  Her daughter is very rude to doctors and nurses and makes her demands known by her loud voice.  

I am nothing like my cousin and I never wish to be like her.  I might not like my meal when I eat out but I won’t complain to the waitress, for is isn’t her fault.  If the meal is really bad I just won’t go back and eat at that establishment.  

I called my cousin a few weeks ago and told her that I have a free dinner for 2 people at the Red Hawk Casino. I asked her if she wanted to go. I called her the other night to tell her that I made the reservations for the bus to the casino and I made it for 3 people in case her husband wants to go so he can gamble. I reminded her that he would not be able to eat with us. She asked, “Why can’t he just pay for his meal.” I reminded her again that this invitation was only for 2 people and we an not ordering from a menu. It is going to be buffet style and there is no way for him to order from a menu. There are limited seats for this event. I just hope she is not going to be loud when when check in and try to push her way around to get him in. If she does cause any problems I will never take her to any event like this again. 

I do love my cousin but I just don’t like how she acts some of the time. 

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