My Fear of Time

Sometimes, I fear that the passing of time

will be the ruin of all that makes up of me.

I hope not to be the consequence of

destruction by distraction-

Fading away within the fleeting of life.

Sometimes, I fear my strength of responsibility

becoming like a weapon for involuntary manslaughter.

I do not want each day to erode my soul to dust.

All of what I am, becoming the ground beneath conformity.

I do not want hazy eyes in a dazed filled life,

each step I take almost simultaneously .

I do not wish the world to warp my individuality .

I want to devote to my own expectations,

to my own ideal of integrality,

and remember all the persistent passions

that have coursed relentlessly through my veins,

morphing all that’s envolved to me.

2 thoughts on “My Fear of Time”

  1. Dream, you sound like a very special person. You are right to resist the pressure to just be another whatever in life. Keep your dreams alive. They are your heart. They are what God designed for you. I wish you every happiness and lots of joyful excitement instead of drudgery. Stay young (inside)!

  2. In this life we have the power to be stronger than time. This is true. It’s like, every so often we have to tell time, “Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already a voice inside my head.”–Blink 182– We have to give permission to ourselves for those passions in the case we never received the permission in our formative years. 🙂 blessings!

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