One of the hardest things i had to endure in childhood

One of the hardest things me and my sister had to go through was living in a house where our parents didn’t accept us and it’s one of the traumas that caused me to have anger issues. Rejection from parents is one of the most hurtful things a child can endure because it causes self-hatred, depression, suicidal tendencies, a hatred of life, self-rejection, self-blame, guilt, and in my case intense anger. The way my mom explained my birth, it was marital rape. Our father abandoned us and our mother endured a painful marriage hoping my older brother would become an American citizen. I’d love to believe my mom loves me but sometimes it feels like she rejects me because when she looks at me, she sees my abusive father. I’m still dealing with it but i can’t do it alone so i go to others for help.


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