I’ve spent literally all day doing school stuff ugh. I finally finished everything about an hour ago yay! I really wanted to give up and not mess with several of the assignments but I knew I had to get them done. I don’t want to fail, I really do like my classes. There is another big reason I didn’t quit, Master. He knew everything was due tonight and wasn’t going to allow me to stop. He would have “motivated” me to continue in ways I doubt I would’ve like. He also would have punished me for not finishing, which I was not looking forward to. 

I don’t know what the motivation or punishment would have been and I’m glad I didn’t find out. Instead Master is rewarding me! I much rather be rewarded yay! I get to play with my rabbit, but have to edge 3 times first, then I can explode as many times as I can 😈. I am so excited to be able to orgasm! It’s been way too long! 

I’m happy to be rewarded but I wish I could be with Master for the reward. I know that the reward would more than likely be different, or it could be the same. Master may enjoy just watching me edge then explode. He may even want to reward me himself, which I would love. The ability to feel him touching me, working me up to that explosion, teasing me to the point of breaking, begging him to let me lose control. 

I definitely plan on thinking of him when I do my reward. Imaging him controlling the rabbit, driving me crazy. Imagine him making me plead with him to let me cum, to explode over and over. I know it won’t take much to get me over the edge, especially thinking about him. Even now as I type this I am wet and tingling with anticipation, aching to feel him. 

I am so grateful and thankful for my Master, he is so good to me. He’s the support, motivation, and dominance I so desperately have looked for and needed. He makes me want to be the best that I can be, to be the sub he wants and desires, to be obedient to the fullest extent that I possibly can be. I’ve never wanted to please and obey like I do with him, he brings the full submissive out of me. 

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