Skating Tuesday

12:22 AM just got out of the shower after skating for couple hours. Feel so much better now compare to past couple days. Maybe I just need to work out regularly to keep myself health. I made a doctors appointment already earlier today so I will see a doctor anyways. I need to check what’s going on with my body. Especially the discomfort on my upper left stomach.

Work was fun! worked on member dashboard design and HTML email guideline. Also, making sure the new welcome page goes to live. Got off around 6:30, skated back to home then drove to downtown for Tuesday night skate. It’s good that I have more than one meetup to go. Skated around downtown LA for about 15 miles. Ended up at the Mexican restaurant and had a late dinner with a glass of beer. So glad that I went out for skating today. It actually made me feel so much better and the parking garage was a lot of fun! Definitely doing it again!

Hitting the #parking #garage in #dtla

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