Somehow I feel as if I missed a day today.  We went to my Mom’s for lunch—yes, she still cooks once a week for the family (my sister, her husband and Ron and me).  She insists on it.  Even at age 92.  She is nothing less than AMAZING.  I gave my sister a really pretty ring that is too large for me and she was delighted.  We played Scattergories (a word game).  Then I was tired the rest of the day.  We watched the last half of Peter Pan, which was lovely and also a bit sad.  Had sandwiches for supper.  I called my daughter to see how the boys’ annual check up went.  She did ask him about Pyroluria, but he didn’t seem concerned and just suggested she put them on multi-vitamins.  Which I will get asap for them.  Tonight I just wonder where the day went.  But it was a good day.  I practiced the piano some for the nursing home.  Guess I’m just tired.  This will sound crazy, but I have enjoyed my fingernails today.  I put polish on them (Sally Hansen’s Gel formula) in a little-girl pink.  The gel makes the polish last a lot longer and kind of glow.  They look so pretty, and I wore pink rings with them. (I started doing my nails so I would quit tearing them up from nerves.  It worked! )  Well, it is early but I’m going to bed ’cause tomorrow is a busy day.  I’m thinking of all my friends on Goodnight Journal and wish you all a good night and blessings tomorrow.   

3 thoughts on “Tonight”

  1. That is amazing that your mom at her age is still wanting to cook for others. My mom will be 88 this year and she has not cooked for a group in a long time. We just go out with her to eat. I think when she started going with my brother on cruises she began enjoying having the meal prepared for her and someone else cleaning the mess.
    Your mom sounds like a very active woman. So happy that you had such a nice day with her.

  2. Thank you, Grannie3. We also went for a walk at the park—probably about a mile (circular route). She exercises with “Beverly.” She is very active! And still drives at 92.
    I have mixed feelings about that. But she is SO independent. I love her more now than ever before. She is so sweet to me.

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