Tuesday, 7/19/16, 9:03pm, Goldberg’s

Yesterday after I got done interpreting at the Howard Johnson ( which was nasty) in Sioux City I went to a taco place downtown for lunch. It was kinda grody. Then I drove straight to Uno. I meditated and then headed to the library and took two of my tests. I was craving kitchen table so I drive downtown and then remembered they no longer have dinner service on Mondays. So I walked to roja and had the chicken taco salad. Nom nom nom. Roja is always so interesting on Mondays because it’s half price margarita night and there are always middle aged dudes having margaritas together and talking about work. It’s great for eavesdropping.

Then I went to film streams for my volunteer shift. That was fun. They were showing election and other than that it was pretty dead.

Today I got up and laid around watching orange is the new black for a while. Then Gabe and I went to Central to try to register him for classes but they still haven’t processed his transfer paperwork so we couldn’t. 

Then I went to hper. I ran into John Antonio and we courthouse gossiped for a bit. I worked out and then meditated. Then went grocery shopping at ng and back home for a minute. Then I went to my to sub teach Carolyn’s yin class. It was great to see Lisa, Marley, Janis and Jessica for a minute.

I came home, got my bike, drove to obc for the full moon ride. I rode with everyone to the Homey and then I split and met up with Chelsea and her Israel sister at Goldberg’s. We had a really good time.  And sweet potato fries, of course. :)))


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