Day 145 – Disrespectful people

Wednesday, June 20th 2016

You got to be kidding me.

I wrote a long, nice entry only to slip, drop my phone, catch it, have clicked something while submitting and not having it submit.

And if it is submitted and I just can’t see it, then that’s even better -_- Cause I remember I did something like that and it ended up submitting in “read journals” but not in “my journal”.

So I woke up early, cause it seems that I’m doing so lately, got on the server, moderated for a while, surveilled the town, specifically this one person that I believe is our town thief, and I found him enter someone else’s house. Caught him right in the act. He claimed he needed a healer, but I saw him run straight for it. Yes, he stopped to battle a Pokemon first, but he looked right at a furnace instead of looking for a healer. I asked the house owner if he was missing anything, and he was. I told about it to the staff and one of the owners decided to make a bait chest. Let’s see how it goes.

So other than that, it seems that Norton is blocking the server website. I can’t access it because of what it says is an attack. Not sure if it is or just Norton being ridiculous. We’ll see soon.

This new guy on the server came online. long story short, he came along, said “team valour ftw” I said “mystic” and he threw insults and swearing towards me and anyone who is in the team. I alerted him, he didnt stop, I took a screenshot, the owner threatened him and it died down. I don’t know where he went now, hopefully he’s banned, but then I’d get a message he is, so probably not.

Speaking about disrespectful people, someone on Twitter last night was disrespecting someone and their deceased mother. *Clears throat* “I can’t wait for mothers day next year @(victim)… oh wait xD” That started a fire inside me. A lot of people got behind the victim and tried to report this person who was still standing strong on his point that he is right and “it’s the internet” and just thinking all the wrong things, but his account is still not yet suspended. This is why when it comes to reporting on YouTube or Twitter, it sucks.

Senpai also messaged me today, or has been a bit more recently. I feel that I’m less interested in him. I feel guilty, but all he does is compliment me. What I enjoy the most is having meaningful conversations and not just compliments. For me, it gets dull really fast. I appreciate it, but I don’t feel a connection if we can’t talk about something. And I would tell him that, but part of me just thinks there won’t be anything I’d like.

On a more positive note, it was Kohai‘s birthday! So happy birthday yet again. I also got my report card (FINALLY), which was all As, except for 2 Bs. One was accounting and harder, so understandable, and the other was history and to me that doesn’t matter. For my French provincial exam, I passed! You needed a minimum of 300 points and you had a maximum of 400. I got a 365. I was afraid I’d fail, cause I had to rush through the first part, because I was running out of time. But nope! All is good.

That’s all for today.

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