I’m screwed

I’m screwed. My life has been a collection of events has left me broken and sad. The separation of my parents, my moms affair, and more events that will eventually come to light. I am trying to hold into someone that doesn’t want me to hold on to them. I had to come to the conclusion that it was true. I had a crush on my best friends best friend. Yep it sounds dumb but it’s a lot worst than it sounds. Maybe I was supposed to let go of this boy for the sake of my best friends and I’s friendship, or maybe I was meant to hold on to this person and hope for the best. But until I figure out what I want, I’m screwed.

3 thoughts on “I’m screwed”

  1. I’ve had alot of bad things happen to me too like my parents separation and so much more but you have to let others and things go. You have to let others choose how they live their lives just like you choose how to live yours. The most important thing to remember is how to love.

  2. Isaiah said it beautifully. Keep your heart in love—-your default setting. I will pray that things clear up for you and fall into place. Hugs.

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