Pensive Future

Being 29, I try not to focus too mucb on the expectaions of society. Oh, its time to have kids and settle already… oh its time to start working on buying a house and get married already.

But with So many expectations i start to wonder what MY expectations should entail…Does having the title of grown up but not actually being grown up make me “behind for my age”?

I know that even the realization of being told yes im behind wouldnt make me wanna go any faster or rush into such important decisions… but at the same time…it makes me feel like my priorities arent totally right. My priority for the rest of this year include, figuring out what career path to follow…and planning my next place to live on April when my lease is up…. and figuring out where my relationship really is to my boyfriend. In light out recent discoveries I’m doubting the solidity of that which makes the rest off my life feel like a house woth no foundation on an unstable hillside….


2 thoughts on “Pensive Future”

  1. Candie, a weakness in your most vital relationship would for sure make you feel unstable and unsure. Do not rush into Anything. Take your time, dear, because you can’t get it back. Don’t care what anybody says. You take your time and be sure, about your living quarters and everything else. Best wishes and God bless.

  2. Thank you Grace, for your reassurance… sometimea thats a i need to feel better in my own decisions

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