Topic out of my comfort zone

My friend M, recently talked to me about guardian angels and how they help and protect you in all the step of the way. Its something that’s very odd because I don’t really believe  nor I’m faithful anymore. He has walk me through the first steps of how to contact my angel and how slowly will I come to know that the angels will help me with my soul to take the right paths on life. I honestly don’t think its something absurd and its weird that I’m not against as I would normally be. I will give it a shot and bring to surface my angel, I really think he/she has the answers to my decisions that I have been recently thinking and hope that my angel will bring me light that I had been searching for so long.  

2 thoughts on “Topic out of my comfort zone”

  1. “Guardian angels” are for every one. You can see their guidance if you know the right signs. I don’t think they only pertain to a certain Faith, so it might not be as out of your comfort zone as you think. 😉

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