When genuine happiness is nowhere to be found

Hi. This would be my first entry. I’ve decided to make this because I want to empty my head with my heavy thoughts and I find this as an interesting platform to do that. I am not good in saying what’s in my head so I guess I might just write it. 

Tonight, I want to talk about my dissatisfaction about the way of life I have. You might think that we’re one of those poor family who can’t even eat more than 3 times a day (i’m not saying either that we’re dirty rich), but we are not. The problem about me is I can’t find happiness with what I have. I tried, I really tried to appreciate and value things, not just the actual material things but everything I have. But at the end of the day, I find myself on my bed thinking, ‘when was the last time i actually felt genuinely happy?’ With that I can’t answer myself. It’s also makes me extra sad to realize that I am not happy doing things and having things that I thought will make me happy. Maybe I am happy, but not a hundred percent happy. I really tried to be contented about everything but I can’t find the real sense of all of these. Some say, ‘youre 20 and young, many things and more eventful matters will come don’t worry.’ But why is that something in my head is telling to want it all at this very moment? Where can I find contentment? I am now confused ugh. I will end this now, good night everyone. 


P.S. i hope someone reads this, that would really help me. 

4 thoughts on “When genuine happiness is nowhere to be found”

  1. /hugs/ I read it, and I think it’s nice that you’re doing this journal thingy for yourself. hahaha I hope that can help to some extent! I honestly want to help you, but I don’t know how, because I myself have been there before. I’m not saying I’m better off now, but I know what that feels like; to be lost in your own thoughts.

    You don’t have to reply or anything. Just know that I read your entry, and I now care enough to look forward to your future ones. Haha. Is that creepy? Probably HAHAHA

  2. Hi Wolf! Welcome to the site! It’s a great place to think in words. And there are caring people here.
    Have you considered that your problem might be chemical —-low on serotonin, for instance? Have you thought of seeing a doctor. I’m on an anti-depressant because I couldn’t get interested in anything and was sad without reason. The meds really helped me. Also, if you haven’t explored your relationship with God (Jesus) now is the time. He created you and loves you forever and beyond. He will be your best friend, if you let Him. He is the Heart of my heart, since age 14. (Now I’m…..well…..a lot older.) He has watched over me and cared for and brought me through all my troubles. Life is good right now. I hope your life will be wonderful and surprisingly happy. God bless you.

  3. I agree with savedbygrace and i also suggest not trying to find happiness so fast. The joy in life takes time to realize. I’m going through the exact same thing too and what my friends told me is that real joy comes from the relationships you have with others. Slow down and don’t think that you have to find joy right away. Take the time to find out what your purpose in life is.

  4. Yes, writing journal is a great way to think in word 🙂 hope writing all this helps you make you feel happier!

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