A new day

Today I woke up and smiled for the first time in forever. For once I wasn’t focused on the troubles of yesterday, but on the opportunities of today. I was a new me. I wasn’t focused on the conflicts in my life right now, but on the thing that mattered most. School. I desperately wanted to get into a good high school and the only way that I would do that is if I put my best foot forward and worked hard. I have always been a straight A student but I always looked at the work I was given as just that, work. But today I realized that the work I was given was not just work but were little pieces or footsteps that were leading me in the right direction. I wasn’t focused on boys any more and definitely not on the boy that took my heart and crumpled it up . I was a new me and it was a new year. And I was so excited to find out what it held and what was gonna happen. 

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