By default, people in Colorado are more heavenly ;)

I feel good tonight.  Do you feel good?  For some reason the night is so crisp and bright.  According to present-modern scientist, I am closer to the stars than most people on the planet.  According to my dog, I am more heavenly because of it.  Of course she can’t talk, but I can tell she wants to say something.  And if she could speak, perhaps she would say that.

     My Pepsi cherry vanilla taste so good and brilliant.  Good feelings have their own brilliance.  I don’t know that my Pepsi has anything to do with my feeling good;  if nothing else it is comforting.  One of my ex girlfriends used to speak about people being comforted.  I never understood why she keyed off the notion.  I just figured she was cute, and cute people are like that.  Feeling good is a part of the American dream, and though I am not of the intellect to see myself in that spectrum or harness, I do feel good tonight.  It may be for one or two reasons.

     See, I have a new laptop coming in the mail tomorrow 🙂  Happy.  I fixed my mountain bike yesterday.  Happy.  I am able to take the summer off from work.  Happy.  After I write this to feed my brain (is writing feeding the brain?  hopefully it will decrease my chances of Alzheimer’s–that sad disease) I am going fishing.  Happy.  I was able to visit my parents today, and we laughed for 1 hour.  Happy.  I met a fishing buddy yesterday, and his name was “Griz” he said.  Happy.  He was smoking weed while he fished.  lol  He was Happy.  Do you fish?

    Fishing is for the people who enjoy the outdoors in the hunter-gatherer capacity, yet enjoy carpet and technology enough to not want to actually hunt.  I think that is it.  There is something to fishing more too though.  It is more of an everyman’s hobby.  Hunting requires so much attention and murder.  Fishing is almost diplomatic.  I can imagine myself fishing with Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan or even Putin (only for diplomatic purposes.  I would try to soften his heart for the everyday people through fishing–the power of fish).  I can’t picture myself hunting with them.

“Look at the stars.  Look how they shine for you.”  



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