Day 146 – Server memes and Doctor Who

Tgursday, July 21st 2016

Today was kinda odd. Good yet cringy, I don’t know. I might not write what I did was cringy that way I’m not thinking about it all night.

Anyway, someone on the server (the author) finally returned after a while. Since he’s been on, we created “server memes”. I ended up writing “We;cpme!” or something like that while trying to say “Welcome!” to someone new on the server. Also, long story short, the author told me to do some fan art of the owner with a bloody celery and I was so bored, I did it. I posted it on the forums and because of the abundance of memes, the author decided to make a post of what memes there are on the server. It’s quite funny.

Other than that, I started rewatching Doctor Who. It’s been so long and I don’t remember a lot of it. My dad and I got 2 episodes in so far (season 1) and I remembered how Cassandra was really annoying (thinking an ostrich breathed fire and that “iPod”, now that I think about it, she might’ve just been lying, but I agree with the face that Rose made, I’d have looked like that too. It was a face of “What, are you an idiot?”). I also noticed a few things that I didn’t notice before, for example when Cassandra said along the lines of “I remember when I was on Earth as a little boy with my parents…” There’s also that dark side of when the Doctor mercilessly let her dry up cause she couldn’t moisturize. She’s not dead, but he had the intention of just killing her. Trust me, she killed other people and all, but the Doctor just had no mercy there.

My brother asked me if he wanted to go somewhere to play Pokémon GO tomorrow, so can’t wait for that. Don’t have data so I’ll be using his phone.

That’s all for today.

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