My Sister

I haven’t said much about my sis, but I love her to pieces.  We are going today to the library for a craft project—-making necklaces out of washers.  Yes, washers.  I am not very inspired so far…..just going to have time with my sister.  she is 2 years older than me and we have no other siblings.  So this time in our lives is very special, growing old together. I wish you could hear her play the piano!  Wow!  She has a master’s degree in piano performance and plays Liszt and Brahms and pretty much ANY thing.  She could have gone on the concert stage, but chose to marry and have children and teach piano instead.  She does everything with excellence. 

3 thoughts on “My Sister”

  1. Oh have fun! Our siblings are so special to us! I think making jewelry out of washers sounds interesting. I know though about “bonding” with sisters. I recently rode horses in a state park to bond with mine! LOL

  2. Awesome! I’m afraid to ride because of my osteoporosis, which is pretty bad. Doc said, “Your bones look terrible.” Love a good bedside manner!! (smile)

  3. You and your sister share the same gift, playing the piano. I never had the chance to learn to play any musical instrument. I don’t have a good voice either. You are both so lucky that you have musical talents.
    Making necklaces out of washers sounds like fun. My mom rolls tiny pieces of paper together to look like a bead and she uses these with real beads to make necklaces.
    Have a good time with your sister.

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