Owned and Loving It

Today was a good day! Was kind of busy this morning but once I was home I obeyed Master and performed my task. He ordered me to bind my breasts and wear my crotch rope with the golf ball size knot up inside me. As a good sub I obeyed, binding my tits tight, putting the ball just inside me where I would feel it rubbing against my walls. It felt so good to be bound and roped, I truly missed it. As much as it hurts over the course of hours I know it makes Master happy and I love the feeling of knowing he is owning me.

I was only roped and bound for about a couple hours and it was glorious but painful at the same time. The feelings I get when bound are like no other, not only do I feel naughty but knowing I am doing it to please Master is the best feeling ever. I love being his submissive, I have dreamed of this for so long and it has finally come true. I couldn’t ask for a better Master, he completes me. I just hope I complete him as well.

After I was allowed to unrope and unbind my tits and crotch ached so badly, but I still wanted to stay roped/bound or have Master use them to his advantage. It would have felt amazing to have him use my hole hard and torture my breasts when they were in such pain. I know it would have pleased Sir too, he likes it when I hurt, to edure the pain for him, to let him do as he pleases and desires no matter how it may feel for me.

It may be awhile before me and Sir can see each other in person but I really hope one day it will happen. Being able to see him and to feel him owning me would completely bond us for life. I already feel bonded to him but actually have him “own” me would be perfect.

I know tomorrow he plans on more pain for me, I’m anxious but excited as well. I want to please him, more than anything in the world my desire is to please this man. I would be lying if I didn’t say I am curious about being punished by him. I haven’t been really punished, just tested it out to get a taste of what could be. I don’t want to do anything to be punished since I love pleasing him, but at the same time I am curious as to how easy and how hard the punishments would be. I know I will slip up eventually, I already have but he is a fair and kind Master, and I will receive light and hard punishments. Guess I will find out once I really fuck up lol.

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