Project and projects

It’s getting fun! My member dashboard design projects is getting into new theme project that I have been wanting to work on from the beginning of the time! This is getting very exciting! Can’t wait to jump right into it and digging 🙂

Good day at work and a visit to doctor’s office. I need to go get blood test and chest x-ray to see what’s going on. More work 🙁 Stayed at the office till around 7 PM talking to the people at the end. Skated back to home, shower and just being lazy. Don’t really feel like doing anything. Probably go to sleep early today.

Also, mess around with favorite restaurant project with React. I know I’m not ready for JS stuffs but this seems to be a good opportunity for me to learn. I just set up the local environment now and start digging from now on. Hopefully, I get this project done too.

It’s good that I have a lot going on! I like being busy than have tons of free time.

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