Didn’t write something yesterday and someone asked me why didn’t i? i’m so glad that person noticed who means a lot to me <3.

Back to the routine type lines, well today was just another tiring day when i kept thinking about studying but i couldn’t do. I try to keep myself busy in doing things and all but still there is something because of which i’m worried. Maybe just weird routine.

I guess even today i won’t have something to write. Maybe it is because i’m not feeling bad about my life anymore. Or maybe i’m getting used to everything and now it is easy to tolerate everything for me. There are some people who i really wanna talk to but they ignore me or reply late. But still i’m so weird that i talk to them still like why what’s wrong. Am i that way who can’t live without them? NO! i really don’t want to be this way but how to stop giving attention to all these useless weirdos who i know won’t care about me.

Maybe one day just like I’ve known how to tolerate other things, i’ll tolerate living without a lot of people too. Maybe.

Till then i’ll keep writing in this good night journal which actually has made me stop worrying about everything and writing it all here.

Have a nice day 🙂

2 thoughts on “read…”

  1. You have a nice day, too, dear. You are blessed if you find one true friend. Having lots of friends just makes you busy. That’s my opinion nothing more. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi sweetheart. Just logged in to read your journel. It doesn’t include something very pleasant but still its fine. I’ll keep on reading untill that day comes when you write something so happy that you can’t even know how to begin amd end. Stay blessed. ❤

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