Do you have anyone in your life that is truly toxic? A person, some one who pretends to love and care about you, but in reality their actions and words are everything but? I made a decision to cut off communication with these over dramatic pot stirs. The results have been fabulous. I’m a few friends less, but really were they friends anyways?

One of the person I broke all ties is actually a member of my family. I won’t get into the specifics, but it’s a bummer. I lost some one who through most of my life, I idolized. Some one who was there every step of the way as I grew into adulthood.

This person has some major issues they haven’t sifted through. I’m the target of their anger. This person spread horrible rumors at me. They kicked me hard when I was up and even harder when I was down. They resent me and it’s for reasons that have always been completely out of my control.

Sometimes cutting ties is hard. Maybe some day we can try again. It’s just funny how I shut out this person and now, all the dramatic lies and fights have faded into dirt.

One thought on “Toxic”

  1. I absolutely understand what you mean by toxic people. I have quite a few of those. I completely agree with your decision to put your happiness first. Cut ties with these types where possible or at least keep contact to a minimum. In the past i have been told im selfish for doing exactly that but lets be honest nobody can really judge unless they’re willing to stand in your shoes. Nothing good can come of surrounding yourself with people that inflict negativity into your life. So always put yourself first darling x

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