Where to start?


I used to write in an online diary, i had it for around ten years and then it shut down 🙁 naturally I was upset, although I did get a back up of it all (phew!) I’ve hunted for something ever since. Maybe this is it? 

I can’t be bothered to write my life story. I just want to write about the here and now, about my day each day 🙂 But a brief catch up is that I’m married in my early 30s, I’ve been with my husband (W) for 10 years and married for 4 years. We’ve got a gorgeous son (R) who is two and another on the way in late December (I’m 17 weeks pregnant)!

Well my morning sickness is still going strong. Grr. But at least now it’s once a day sometimes none, but then I feel horrible all day instead. My back is getting bad now too. Feeling the baby tiny little movements is lovely 🙂 It’s Friday so my day off and R had a swimming lesson this morning, I’m so glad he had a good time, I’ve had quite a few weeks of him getting upset. He still got a bit upset but I was able to tell him what we were doing and he was ok with it. He even jumped in off the side and put his toes over the edge properly! I’m worrying about his talking, which still isn’t great. He can’t pronounce anything beginning with P and most words starting with m or n come out wrong. I know what he’s saying but no one’s else does, not even W. I think i will talk to the doctor if it doesn’t get much better. Due to his childminder having an operation, he’s going to a micronursery so I wonder what the difference will be with them? Wonder if it will improve being around more kids. I’ve decided only to send him mornings as I don’t feel comfortable with whole days (even tho I will have a nightmare work wise!) We’ll see. I’m such a worry wart! It’s only a month. I found a nice nursery up the road but it’s full so I’ll put him on the waiting list… when a place comes up he can start going there, half days will be cheaper when I’m on maternity leave too! So I’ll get a break with new baby. I think it’s another boy but time will tell!!! I don’t mind either way to be honest. Just want everything to be okay, so much can go wrong 🙁

Blimey it’s 1am better get some sleep. W is working all weekend argh! No rest for me 😉 

Bye for now x


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  1. Congratulations on your baby on the way! I remember the first time I felt my baby move, it was like a little goldfish in my belly! I hope your son will be happy in the new day care. You need some time to rest! God bless you and your family!

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