A Very Scary Dream

Several minutes ago, I had one of the scariest dreams of my life..literally :'( 

Okay, my dream started as me going to the bathroom of the house I’m living. The shower water was on but I don’t remember if I was going to take a shower, someone else was taking a shower, or thought someone was in the shower. I don’t know. So, I’m sitting in the toilet and start to see smoke and human figure appears. As soon as I see it, I began to scream as loud as I could. Uncontrollably. This woman is naked and taking the shower and starts to make a conversation (like “hello” “how are you doing” etc). I was try so hard to stop crying as to avoid my family to hear me. I was hearing knocks telling me if I was okay while I was looking at this woman ghost. Slowly slowly, I regain myself and calm down. I started talking to her and grabbed her right shoulder as she had a towel drying herself and I told her “hey if I turned myself in (to the police because I murdered her), would you stop scaring me?”. She just laughed and said something I can’t recall and then she was gone. 

The ghost lady I dreamed about was my boss of my first job (which she’s Indian) and never have/had any hate towards her. She was kind in her own way but very “bossy” at the same time. I just can’t explain why I dream about what appears that I killed her and seeing her ghost later on. I woke up from my dream and my chest hurt. My head hurts. My insides are a bit shaky. I was in tears for a minute.. It felt like I really fucking did and I even questioned if I truly killed her in my real life. For your relief, I did not lol. 

I’m out words and I’m still sleepy though, I’ll go to sleep for a while in my room as the dream happened in my living room (because I was sleeping in the couch). I don’t feel comfortable sleeping in the living room for today. 

Omg, I hope I don’t dream of something like that again.. :'(

I also want to mention that I felt like I did really scream, when my family wakes up I’ll ask them if they heard screamings because you know the feeling of your chest when you scream so loud that your chest hurts from it? Its how I feel inside.

2 thoughts on “A Very Scary Dream”

  1. Bless you, what a frightful dream! The way you describe it, it seems so real. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up and know everything is all right? Big sigh of relief.

  2. The dream was very specific! I definitely dont mean to scare you but maybe you’ve had a dream about the future? Minus the killing part. That might’ve been symbolism? Anyway! Rest easy okay? u.u

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