Well I finally did it, I messed up with my Master. Last night I decided it was a good idea to drink without getting his permission first. To make things worse I got drunk, which really upset him. 

I woke up this morning I could tell he was displeased with me. He ordered me to shower, dress, makeup, and hair. I was to put on my thickest and widest choker, put it on as tight as possible. Then I was to sit naked in the kneeling position until I received further instructions. I was unable to complete his orders but he was understanding as to my reasons why. 

He told me to concentrate on my school stuff, wanted me to get ahead. Again with this order I failed him, I didn’t do it on purpose. I honestly have tried today to do as he commanded. I feel awful for letting him down last night and today.

I know he is upset with me and he has every right to be, I disobeyed and did things I wasn’t suppose to do. I am patiently awaiting my punishment, anxious to know what it will be and anxious to get it done so we can move past this. I know my punishment is well deserved and serves as discipline and corrective measures. To teach me a lesson, to always obey my Master. He owns me and I must always get permission for everything I do, and must always do as he commands. 

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