Friday, 7/22/16, 11:13pm, home in bed

I wonder how many people journal on this site that don’t set their entries to public. It would be interesting to see their metrics. I also wonder how many people journal on it once and never again.

I installed a home security system the other day. It’s pretty cool. I ordered it from home depot and it runs and is controlled from my phone. I put sensors on the back door and Gabe’s bedroom window so now I get a text whenever he opens either of those. 

I worked out this afternoon and it actually felt really good. I just ran out of time. I went to cash my NT paycheck at Northwest Bank and it turned out it was drawn from a Wells Fargo account this time. So I went to the Wells Fargo on 146th & center to cash it and there were three male tellers all in bowties. They said it’s a thing they do on Friday’s.

The staff at hper were too

busy to open the mindfulness room today and I remembered that there is a meditation room at Temple Israel. After I left the bank I went there to meditate before going to teach yin at sound method.  It was cool. The only problem is that there is no door on their meditation room so anyone could walk in or walk by and snoop. 

After I taught yoga, I met Michelle M at Farnam House for their awesome salads. We had a good time. After that we went to check out an art show at the Bancroft street market. We kinda got stuck watching the artist do a one man show with puppets about his experience of having cancer. It was…………. Interesting.

I came home to a messy ass house left by my kid and his friends. 



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  1. Maybe the site can integrate a metrics tool? would be sweet

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