Hang-ing On My Own

I had a very tiring week, but it was a good week. My week ended with me having a headache, a throbbing one, and tired body.

We always hang out till we fall asleep, and I was surprised that you purposely ended the call. When I checked if you’re still online, you were (and even now while I’m typing this), so it is by choice.

I have gone a long way to be at this point where I have accepted you for who you are. I thought I have processed everything and can love you for every life choices you make, but it turned out today that I’m not yet there… the question is more like, “Will I ever get there?”

Anyway, my head is still throbbing and I need to sleep again. I just need to write this down and let some frustrations out. It’s so frustrating how you have so much time for things you count as “nothing” and so limited time for things you count as, at the very least, “something”. I do not know any more what the word “important” means to you, and I’m not sure how to deal with it right now, so I’m writing it here.

It’s just a sad reality, reminding me that people, like myself, is imperfect. We will, and will, always disappoint that one person in our life.

As much as I don’t want this to happen, I know it can’t be avoided, we’re not perfect after all.

Ugh, my head really hurts, I’ll sleep now. Goodbye for now, world.

One thought on “Hang-ing On My Own”

  1. You are right. No one can be perfect. A lot of people would like to. Myself included. I would like to be always kind and loving and available to my family and friends and others in need. But we do get tired and worn out sometimes, don’t we. Your heart is in the right place. That’s what counts, dear. Blessings to you.

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