It takes a village

There is this old adage that goes “It takes a village to raise a child.” Of course there is such obvious truth to this statement. It takes a doctor to help bring a baby into this world, parents to provide nature, teachers for wisdom, coaches for strength and team work, and so on…

My friend from work gave me a heads up. There was an issue with our districts bus company. Drivers were promised a $3 an hour raise. They were deceived. Now roughly a month before school starts, they are debating organizing a strike.

At first I was angry. This immediately effects my children. We live to far away for them to walk. We really depend on the transportation that our taxes help pay for. Now my kids might be forced to miss school days. The calender itself for the year might be tweaked. Poor Deedee has spent her summer sweating underneath the hot Carolina sun so that when school is back in session she can focus on her academics. Her sacrifice will be futile.

Then… after I worked out how this personally effects me, I did some more thinking. These drivers are entrusted with my 3 most precious people every single school day. They drive carefully. They don’t text. They put up with all the drama a bus crammed full of kids can create. How many fights have been broken up? How many small favors? What about what was promised to them? It’s not fair to be told that YOU ARE definitely getting a raise only to find out your bosses were not truthful (for whatever reason).

So yes, I’m inconvenienced. What about them though? How does this effect them?

Then I thought about all the times they had to talk to parents about their child’s bad behavior only to have the parent ignore their misbehaving child and instead berate them… It happens all too often. As parents, we take on too much. We no longer want society to help mold the future. As a result, more and more children can’t follow simple rules and take no responsibility for their own actions.

We need to be villages, raising our children.

3 thoughts on “It takes a village”

  1. So true. I hope it is resolved quickly and fairly, for everyone’s sake.

  2. How right you are about this. Everyone that our children meet in life is someone who can help shape who they are, either by words or actions.
    I hope they are able to resolve the bus issue so that the kids don’t miss any school.

  3. Thanks. I hope so too. I know I’m annoyed because if the strike goes into effect it’ll really mess things up, but more importantly, I hope that these good people get what was promised to them. Rather than raising a stink about how I’m inconvenienced, I’d prefer to lend my support. I think there is a lack of that these days.

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