It’s Friday

Started my day skating to work! Got a delicious waffle from Enzo for breakfast. Spent all day working on HTML email, new page design and member dashboard mockup! Also got a trophy at work for being a good employee? My colleague just randomly gave it to me for fun but it was funny and I got to keep the trophy lol

Went to Santa Monica for the Friday night skate. A small group on people and it ended up scattering up in the middle of the skating 🙁 I guess it’s does not work very well without an organizer. However, it was fun to be out on skate.

A random girl from Ontario Canada came up to me while I was waiting for the skating people at the Santa Monica pier and asked me for a permission to pray for me. She did pray for me and I gave her my business card cause she didn’t show up on FB search. It was just so random and something I have never experienced before. Just wanted to write it down 😉

12:34 AM now. I will go to sleep after finishing this beer. Good night all!

pic: all the goodies I got from my colleagues 🙂

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