Reyvin or Mason

Today was definitely interesting. So I know I said that I wasn’t gonna focus on boys this school year, but this was different because the boys were now focusing on me. So today Mason confessed his feelings for me and so did Reyvin. 

Reyvin: the guy who “broke” my heart and said that he didn’t want to be even my “friend”. Today was the first time that he has talked to me in months. He walked up to me and started to laugh about something I did in class. We then got to talking about our friendship and how we had to make plans to meet up soon. He then told me that after we stopped talking he missed me and how he only now realizes how much he likes me and needs me in his life. It sounds cliche and it is but it’s true.

Mason: Mason and I are as close as can be right now and he told me that he loves me last week. It was very soon but him and I have become best friends, I thought I friend zoned mason long ago but it turns out that I actually just put the feelings I have for him in the very back of my heart. But truth is, I really like him. I love his smile, his laugh, the way he snorts when he tries to conceal his happiness. He was everything. The fact that the boy of my dreams actually likes me is amazing. He told me along time ago that he had feelings for me but I didn’t know that those feelings still existed. But they do.


The choosing between Reyvin and Mason was definitely a hard one but it was about to become really easy.


Kindness: Reyvin-7  Mason-9

Humility: Reyvin-2  Mason-8

Humor:   Reyvin-5   Mason-6

Looks: Reyvin- 10  Mason-9

Intelligence: Reyvin-3   Mason-7

                                                                Reyvin:27 points

                                                                Mason:39 points

It was pretty obvious about who the winner is but why do I still feel like I’m making the wrong decision?


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  1. Sounds to me like you are making the right choice, dear. Reyvin left you once for no good reason. Be careful of trusting him. In a word: don’t. That sounds hard but I don’t want to see you hurt again. God bless you, sweetheart.

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