What is love?

Simply being you. Shit I figure I knew everything and how I was suppose to be treated as a women but life deals second cards where love become pains. love become hurt all these different emotions. So i define love with the existence of me. My deeper me my inner me. Define Love?

2 thoughts on “What is love?”

  1. Define love you ask. I think for me it is trust. Knowing that I can feel safe with someone, safe to tell my innermost secrets without being judged or laughed at. I was married for 11 years and I never trusted my husband enough to open up to him about my feelings. I still kept my secrets from him. I never felt safe enough to truly open up to him.

  2. Wow. So how has it been, I think many women deal with this worries as well sometimes people sit in the house with one another for ten with no existence. Its crazy because this moment was about my husband and you spoke right too me. Thank you angel

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