“All the Bright Places”

So I haven’t finished this book quiet yet, but I read ahead and discovered the ending. this has put me into a state of blackness. In the book, one of the characters, Finch, describes the asleep as a black fog of despair that comes over you and pulls you in. Something you cant escape as it swallows you and creates an empty pit inside of you. that’s how I feel now.


this book touches on the thoughts of depression, anxiety, bipolar disease and many other severe topics, but is pulled together very fluently. if you have not read the book, I recommend it. not just for fellow teenagers, but for readers of any age. look it up, read some reviews. make sure to get the reading in before the movie comes out next year (trust me you will be DYING to watch he movie once you read the book)


but yes… an emptiness. I feel as if I am about to become enveloped in a satanic darkness that will creep into me and never let out, that will defy all odds by splitting me to pieces and rolling with the thought of decaying my every wimb. Im not sure how this is going to work, but I am petrified…


or maybe im excited.

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