Day 148 – Few things

Saturday, July 23rd 2016

If I want the most sleep possible because I’m waking up early tomorrow, I need to do this quick.

So today I did a few more preparations for the server reset, but it’ll only be in a couple of weeks, so I have time. I already planned out my inventory to gather the most possible. I just need to transfer the Ditto back to J, grab a shiny Pokemon I want to keep, hope that my gym application gets accepted so I can bring more Pokemon over to the reset and make sure I got enough logs. J and I also made the abstract buildings for the abstract section of our town. I quite like mine and his especially, because on the inside, it’s a maze. It was something I was trying to do, but ended up not doing. He did it perfectly.

Other than that, my brother and I went for a walk to the nearest Pokemon GO gym with his phone. I explained how it worked and gave him some useful tips. No one was at the gym, but we couldn’t fight anyway, since we’re low level. Also, the Pokéspot only gave us 3 Pokeball each, which I mean, I need some, but I wanted an egg. Oh well, caught new Pokemon at least and got that sweet XP. Only when we came back home did someone go to the gym and used a lure on the spot. At least I know when they usually go there.

My brother is now finally interested in Doctor Who, so I gotta let him catch up. We watched 6 so far. Realized that the 9th Doctor is a little darker and merciless than I thought.

That’s all for today.

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