Exploring continues

I had a very relax Saturday. Didn’t have any plans for today so I continued to exploring the city. I put my skate on and skated to Canter’s Deli for lunch. The place I have been wanting to try and I finally got what I wanted to try. Matzo ball soup was pretty good but much smaller than what I thought it was. Well, maybe the picture on the yelp just had a good angle to make it look big lol. Skated on Melrose to go to hair salon. Made a FB friend on the street who wants to learn how to skate. Got to the hair cut place after skating little bit. I got a new stylist and she cut my hair too short. Not very happy with a new haircut 🙁

Went out grab a cup of tea at Starbucks then been digging on React and how to set up local dev environment on node.js. So many things to learn! Went to GonJiAm restaurant for late dinner. Ended up eating too much.

10:47 PM now. Think I’m going to stop messing around with React stuff and watch a movie or something before I go to sleep. There was a huge fire in the valley today maybe still is. My neighborhood got covered by a huge smoke from the fire. It’s crazy to see things like that. Hope it stops soon.

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